Kerwan is a bustling planet that is inhabited by many different races that have learned to live alongside one another. Though the world has seen many centuries of peace, evil is always plotting to cause mayhem on the unsuspecting citizens. The most targeted city is Metropolis, the world’s capital and the biggest city with over 3 million inhabitants. It appeared to be a very environmentally-friendly city, as the buildings are dotted in plants and moss, and the platforms also were grassy areas as opposed to the expected concrete. The buildings themselves often have bronze caps on them as decorations. It’s not unusual in Metropolis to not see the ground below as all the city is lifted up in the air. The city has varying means of transportation. The most common means is that of flying cars, which fly in pre-designated lanes. Grav-Trains run about on grindrails to provide another means of getting around the city for the average citizen. There are also similar hovering trains, which are used to load cargo around Metropolis. The adventurous commuter could take the grind rails to get around, provided they could avoid the Grav-Trains.

evil is afoot